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greenbird's AWTools+brownie installation instructions

This document is by no means complete and not yet intended to. I will expand it as need comes. To tell you the truth, the tools have not always been written in a way that made it particularly easy to use them somewhere else. And I do not know of anyone who did it yet.

Checking Preconditions

In order to run my AWTools you will need to check that you meet some preconditions. You will need

Starting the install

I provide a .tar.gz archive with relevant code and data. Then you do:
cd /home/aw
#tar xzf bmw-awtools-2012-01-07.tar.gz
git clone git://
ln -s awtools inc
cd inc
ln -s /home/aw base
edit          # supply your mysql user+pw here
edit      # set $bmwserver, $basedir and $interbeta flag
edit brownie/ # change $ourhost and $ourwwwhost to your hostnames of no-install brownie
make init
make updatecsv
make access a=tag # probably need to adjust Makefile for this to work

edit httpd-brownie.conf vhost-brownie.conf # adjust port numbers and pathes
./ # to use a different instance of apache for serving brownie+AWtools
If at any step there would be warnings or errors, you should examine it closely before trying to continue.
Other things you will want to adapt: disable the authrsa (RSA-forum based authentication) if you dont trust the admins there and change the admin* tools password hashes to your liking using the MD5 hash-code in there.
If you have other users on your machine, it is also recommended that only the www-user and yourself should be able to read+write files which contain secret information (db/*.dbm and systemexportsecret - on my machine: chmod 660 ; chown wwwrun:bernhard ).

The Code

git repo (has less files than below tars)
bmw-awtools-120107.tar.gz (240kB, small features + maintenance)
bmw-awtools-110621.tar.gz (240kB, mostly maintenance)
bmw-awtools-100811.tar.gz (240kB, extra features, maintenance)
bmw-awtools-090424.tar.gz (212kB, many extra features)
bmw-awtools-080401.tar.gz (200kB, major cleanup, uses mysql in most places now)
bmw-awtools-071021.tar.gz (180kB)
The Code can be split into three categories:
  1. CGI's that are started upon request from browsers (those are listed in the Makefile's tools= entry and hard-linked to the apache CGI dir with make links)
  2. Regular processing that is launched by cron in intervals of 5m, 6h, or 24h (updating maps, holes, spies, fetching CSV from AW) - see aw-crontab for example entries. Only the daily update must be at a fixed time (00:06 CET for me as my server is in Germany)
  3. Stuff that is called exclusively by the admin in a shell at need (e.g. and and make access a=xxx = installation stuff)
Code is also heavily modularized which makes it much easier to add mangling and feeding filters that do not affect the remainder of the operation. Modules (*.pm) can be used in all three types of perl code.

You may also want to check out my random collection of configs+data here.

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